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  • Do translations have an additional cost?
    International Reinsurers need technical reports to be presented in English, so at the request of the assignor we are able to do so, but they have a very low cost.
  • What do you mean by general loss control recommendations?
    Once the accident has been adjusted, the insurance company suggests to the insured ways control risk through the implementation of regulations and procedures that avoid the latter, these recommendations are made by Inspeseg based on national and international regulations.
  • Do you handle claims on life and medical care?
    We have the most efficient software that you can find in the national and international market. The software allows us to attend cases in a very short time and is handled by medical auditors with a high standard of knowledge.
  • Do you offer your services at a national level?
    Our main office is located in Quito and our main branch office is located in Guayaquil. However, from these cities, our personell assists the rest of the country.
  • What kind of training does Inspeseg offer?
    We focus mainly on the analysis of the coverage and exclusions of insurance policies. We also deal with important issues regarding changes in legislation, operation and maintenance of specialized equipment and reasons why these parties cause damages and generate claims.
  • What does the fire policy cover?
    The fire policy covers accidental damages caused by a fire and / or lightning.
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