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In all our lines of service we optimize the process at every stage, from the preliminary inspection to the final report, always providing a professional service, solid and timely.


Our experience and high technical level allows us to streamline the handling and settlement process of the claims.
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Sinister Inspection and Adjustment

We make a complete evaluation of the accident, which includes specifying the cause, determining what damages are covered by the policy, and in case of compensation, calculate their amount and recommend or not to the insurance company compensation for damages to the insured . We have professionals specialized in technical, legal and bonding areas who work impartially to carry out the cases entrusted to the company.


We handle claims in: 

  • Technical Branches (Energy and Oil)  

  • Bonds


  • Vehicles

  • Transport

  • General Branches


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Rescue Actions

Within the process of adjustment and settlement of a claim covered by the policy, there is the issue of "SALVATION" and this name is given to the remainder of the property insured after the incident and which has an economic value for the contracting parties.


It is considered as "Salvage" both the goods that have remained in perfect condition as those that have been partially destroyed or damaged. The loss, whatever its extent, does not entitle the Insured to leave the property, which is the salvage for the Insurers in order to receive the respective total compensation. Therefore, the Insured must safeguard and preserve the salvage until the final settlement of the loss, or until an agreement is reached on the same, taking all necessary steps to do so.


Inspeseg, under this precedent and in order to manage the sale of a salvage case, will propose to the insurer several options for the purchase of the affected property.

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Study of Policies and Coverage

We do a study of the losses that the company has had and the potential risks to which it is exposed and then recommend the type of policies that must be contracted to keep them properly protected.

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We support our clients by training their personnel in different issues related to the adjustment of claims in all branches. Our experience and the quality of each of the work sessions, guarantee the learning through the management of real cases, which in turn lead us to know more about the management of insurance policies, laws, regulations and any document necessary to carry the adjustment of a case properly.

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Care for medical services, where a life insurance and medical care policy is activated, must also be submitted to a loss adjustment. We have the most efficient software for handling these cases.

Added  Value

As part of our services and according to the event produced, Inspeseg will deliver to the insurance company an added value such as:

General recommendations for loss control 


Interpretations and assistance in English 

*Some of these services may be subject to additional costs

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